tag game

tagged by @fatenumberfor !! 😀 thanks for tagging! I’m gonna do both tags cos I haven’t done either before haha

will be tagging @playfuldisaster @nyangbin @nothingwithoutwannaone and my mutuals who wanna do this! up to y’all if you wanna do or not haha 🙂


name: j
nickname: (none)
zodiac sign: pig
height: 1.58 m

languages spoken: english, chinese and cantonese (learning korean and japanese)
nationality: (from somewhere in asia)
orientation: straight
favourite fruit: blueberries
coffee, tea, hot chocolate: all!
favorite seasons: autumn and winter
favorite flower: don’t really have one…daisy i guess
favorite scents: freshly washed sheets
favorite colors: none (blue, if you really need a colour)
favorite animal(s): ducks, cos they cute and fluffy and can be fierce too (have you ever seen a hissing duck? :’D)
average hours of sleep: around 5 on a school day, 8 on a weekend
dog or cat person: cat
favorite fictional character(s): draco malfoy (yes i’m serious)
number of blankets you sleep with: 1
dream trip: anywhere with mountains and nice cafes
blog established: 2016
followers count: what does this mean
random fact: weird earlobes



1. drink – earl grey milk tea
2. phone call – school friend
3. text message – ‘should have taken with flash’
4. song you listened to – ikon’s ‘love scenario’
5. time you cried – honestly don’t rmb; i don’t cry often


6. dated someone twice – nope
7. kissed someone and regretted it – nope
8. been cheated on – nope
9. lost someone special – nope
10. been depressed – yeah
11. gotten drunk and thrown up – nope


12. haha sighs blue
13. navy blue
14. sunset is nice


15. made new friends – yep
16. fallen out of love – nope
17. laughed until you cried – yep
18. found out someone was talking about you – nope
19. met someone who changed you – nope
20. found out who your friends are – yep
21. kissed someone on your facebook friends list – nope


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know irl – all
23. do you have any pets – nope
24. do you want to change your name – nope (i did when i was a kid, cos ppl said it’s not a ‘real’ name lol)
25. what did you do for your last birthday – was overseas and trying to find a japanese restaurant to have dinner at but couldn’t find one and ended up at one of the best night markets i’ve ever been to
26. what time did you wake up today – 7AM
27. what were you doing at midnight last night – trying to sleep cos I had an exam today
28. what is something you cant wait for – holidays
30. what are you listening to right now – nothing (night time noises)
31. have you ever talked to a person named tom – nope (does thomas count?)
32. something that’s getting on your nerves – nothing
33. most visited website – tumblr
34. hair color – black
35. long or short hair – short
36. do you have a crush on someone – on and off (it’s distracting)
37. what do you like about yourself – strong-ish
38. want any piercings? – yep
39. blood type – A+
40. nicknames – (none)
41. relationship status – single lol
42. zodiac – pig
43. pronouns – what’s that 
44. fave tv shows – lots! especially j dramas e.g. nobuta and unnatural
45. tattoos – nope
46. right or left handed – right
47. ever had surgery – nope
48. piercings – yep
49. sport – dancing and aerobics
50. vacation – i’m going to korea soon
51. trainers – none?


52. eating – nothing
53. drinking – nothing
54. i’m about to watch – ikon tv
55. waiting for – ppl to reply my messages lol
56. want – lots of things haha
57. get married – yes that will be nice
58. career – social service sector


59. hugs or kisses – hugs
60. lips or eyes – lips
61. shorter or taller – taller
62. older or younger – older
63. nice arms or stomach – arms
64. hookup or relationship – relationship
65. troublemaker or hesitant – a bit of both


66. kissed a stranger – nope
67. drank hard liquor – nope
68. lost glasses – nope
69. turned someone down – yeah
70. sex on first date – nope
71. broken someone’s heart – nope
72. had your heart broken – nope
73. been arrested – nope
74. cried when someone died – nope
75. fallen for a friend – sort of?


76. yourself – yeah gotta try my best right
77. miracles – yeah
78. love at first sight – nope
79. santa claus – nope
80. kiss on a first date – nope
81. angels – yeah


82. best friend’s name – hmm have some close friend’s
83. eye color – black
84. fave movie – spirited away
85. fave actor – none