komurola: 소중한 동료들 항상 응원할게~먼저 간 국이형도 곧 보자!!I will always cheer…

komurola: 소중한 동료들 항상 응원할게~
먼저 간 국이형도 곧 보자!!

I will always cheer for my precious colleagues~
Gukkie hyung who left first, see you soon!!

cr. kimsyunguk

(INFO) Update on Taehyun’s whereabouts [via HOTSHOT’s Fancafe]

“Roh Taehyun, who has been running harder than anyone else for the past 7 months, is on a break and will be taking the time to recharge himself now that JBJ’s activities have concluded.

“His future activities and related matters are to be discussed after his break is over, and as of now it is of utmost priority that he make the most of this break.

“In addition, Star Crew Entertainment will not be taking any action against malicious comments to comply with Taehyun’s request. Thank you to the fans who have been sending materials to be used for this purpose, all the while showing your care and concern for Taehyun.

“We will ask for your constant love and support for Roh Taehyun who will return with a cooler image after this period of recharging.

Thank you.”

[translation by fyjustbejoyful. may contain inaccuracies.]